:I want to help unify Tel Aviv

:Our Central Issues


  • Young people want a community!
  • More accessibility to community centers for young people, longer hours of operation, more combined cultural and leisure activities
  • Increase dialogue between the different, diverse sectors of the city


  • Better understanding of and access to municipal necessities, more contact with Israelis, less bureaucracy.
  • A community center designed for olim and speakers of different languages

City Council Representation for the Traditional and Religious Sectors

  • Better early education opportunities, individualized yet diverse education, and a greater emphasis on Jewish culture.

For the first time in Tel Aviv's history, a party as diverse as the city itself is running for city council! Finally, Israelis of all stripes — secular, religious, native Israelis, and olim — will be working together

!Vote Ichud TLV on October 30th

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Tel Aviv's Youth

  1. Improve access to and use of the city's community centers by the various sectors of the city and those who speak different languages.
  2. Create an official neighborhood forum made up of representatives from each neighborhood.
  3. Provide incentives to small businesses (eg. lowered Arnona rates, faster handling of bureaucratic needs, etc.)
  4. Cultural events for young people aimed at bringing together the city's diverse sectors

New Olim

  1. Create a city-wide program where Tel Aviv residents "adopt" olim.
  2. Ease bureaucratic difficulties for new olim.
    1. Centralize all bureaucratic needs to a single floor at city hall.
    2. Create better access to city issues by translating the municipality's official website into more languages (eg. French, Russian, and Spanish).
  3. Open a community center specifically for olim, adapted to their wants and needs.
  4. Improve accessibility throughout the city for non-Hebrew speakers.
  5. Facilitate cooperation between students, local entrepreneurs, and larger bodies in order to help olim integrate into the local job market.


  1. Lower the amount of bureaucracy needed to open early education centers (ages 0 to 3)
  2. Include educators into the city's general initiative to create affordable housing for young people.
  3. Better involve parents in the education system.
  4. Create educational institutions that integrate the city's secular, traditional, and religious students.
  5. Encourage more meaningful discussions and activities throughout the city.

Religious Representation on City Council

  1. Jewish Culture: Allot part of the city budget to Jewish cultural activities suitable for all kinds of Tel Aviv residents.
  2. Create a "young community" made up of the wide variety of sectors in the city.
  3. Represent the city's traditional and religious communities.

#מותר – איחוד בתל אביב